[Bishops Castle] Bishop's Castle in South Colorado. Bishop build this castle over the course of 40 years with his own hands - all by himself. Go see it if you can. [Spelunking] Spelunking with Tom Winter '99-'00.
[Oregon] With Jan Christmas '99 in Oregon. The days around 12/20/99 had the brightest moon for 100 years. This photograph was taken around 1 am without any artificial lighting. [Mono Lake] A morning at Mono Lake/ California Winter '99-'00
[Mom] Mom. [Mom and a red car] Mom on Mount Evans/Colorado Summer '99
[Brother with girlfriend and daughter] My brother with girlfriend and daughter in Luebeck/Germany [Dad and I] Dad & I at a pub in Denver Summer '99.
[Geddy Deer and Hans] My first deer, Winter '01-'02. Thanks Geddy! [Deer] Nearly done with skinning... (not a pretty picture!)
[Pow-Wow] Pow-Wow in Golden Summer '01. The one on the left is a contestant in the childrens dancing competition. [Pow-Wow] Pow-Wow in Golden Summer '01. Dancers and spectators.
[San Antonio Mission] A mission in San Antonio/Texas 11 September '01. Good day to visit churches... [On horseback in Grand Lake] Horseback riding near Grand Lake/ Rocky Mountains, Winter '01-'02
[Hans and Leigh in the tent] Camping with Leigh in Havasupai canyon Spring '03 [Dad at bottom of waterfall in Havasupai canyon] Dad at the bottom of a waterfall in Havasupai
[Muletrain in Havasupai canyon] A muletrain going down Havasupai canyon [Son of Baseball] The son of "Baseball", one of the muletrain riders in Havasupai